Providing Juvenile Sex Offender Risk Evaluations
Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma

What Separates Juvenile Offenders From Adult Offenders?

Juveniles are different than adult offenders in a number of ways. Based on our years of experience and published research,  we have learned that Juveniles have the lowest rate of recidivism. The key to accurate evaluations for juveniles is to understand their needs and ways to correct their behavior without punitive actions. Accurate and effective Evaluations can identify the most effective ways to avoid offending behavior and to help a juvenile to re-engage in the community and with their family.

For close to 25 Years, Dr. Freiden has provided expert court testimony across multiple states for Family and Criminal Lawyers in the protection for their clients. He has also provided expert court testimony for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, The Federal Office of Probation and Parole, and for Department of Corrections for Tennessee and other states.

Juveniles have the lowest probabilities for reoffending. Dr. Freiden regularly conducts Juvenile Sex Offender Risk evaluations that provide an understanding of actual risks for a new offense.

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